A healthy gut microbiome is connected to a healthy body and mind. At Re:Bio we want to convey the importance of that.

What makes Re:Bio effective? Synbiotics. This is what we refer to when both probiotics (live bacteria) and prebiotics (what help bacteria grow) are combined in the same product. The result? An experience that is much more effective than taking probiotics alone.

Bring out the beauty within by caring for your gut microbiome

As a part of your daily routine, we created a product thats tastes good and makes you feel good.

Do you have any of these health concerns?

✓ Frequent illness

✓ Constant tummy trouble

✓ Constipation

✓ Persistent skin troubles

✓ Overall feeling less than 100

Learn About the Science Behind Re:Bio

Take it with you

Easy to carry, single-serve packet is convenient to slip in your purse so you can take it anytime and anywhere without water. For the best effect, it is recommended to take it after a meal.

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